Internet Clarinet Resources

Clarinet Informational Websites

ABC Index – Anne Bell’s awesome clarinet website. Offers endless links to clarinet and other music-related websites around the world.

Bass Clarinet.org – One of the best bass clarinet music websites.

Clarinet Acoustics – An introductory look into the acoustics of the clarinet.

Clarinet Cache – A blog and a regular column featured in The Clarinet (journal of the I.C.A.). Clarinet-related web content is featured in this unique website.

ClariNEwsletter – The on-line clarinet newsletter for Nebraskan clarinetists. Find out what’s happening around the state during the fall, winter, and summer months.

The Clarinet Pages – Information for the clarinet amateur, professional, student, or anyone who “just wants to know.”

International Clarinet Association – The #1 group of student, professional, and amateur clarinetists around the world. Student membership is only $25/year.

Michael Lowenstern – The website of the amazing bass clarinetist Michael Lowenstern.

Mike Moors Clarinet Page – Another source of helpful information for the clarinetist of all ages and background.

World Bass Clarinet Foundation – Geared toward offering a broader support for the bass clarinet – its musicians, composers, and audience.

World Clarinet Alliance – A site with numerous pictures and information about clarinet events all over the world.


Clarinet Discussion Groups

Clarinet BBoard – A place to post questions about clarinet-related issues.

Klarinet Mailing List – This site offers a free e-mail list for people interested in communicating ideas, questions, and information about the clarinet.


Clarinet Music, Recordings, and Books

Clarinet Classics – The CD label that is dedicated to clarinet and saxophone recordings.

Clarinet City – Paula Corley’s pedagogical books for the young clarinetist. Also includes free monthly downloads of informative pedagogical advice.

Crystal Records, Inc – Endless recordings of music for the clarinet.

Dorn Publications – Clarinet music and more.

Eble Music – A terrific source for clarinet music in the Midwest (Iowa City).

ICA Score Collection
– If you are a member of the I.C.A., you may borrow music from this awesome clarinet library.

Luyben Music – A wonderful source for clarinet music in the Midwest (Kansas City!)

Van Cott Information Services, Inc – An outstanding resource of clarinet music, recordings, and books relating to the history and pedagogy of the clarinet.


Hand-Crafted Clarinet Mouthpieces

Behn Mouthpieces International – Mouthpieces crafted by Bradford Behn.

Clark Fobes – Mouthpieces and other clarinet products by Clark Fobes.

Gregory Smith Clarinet Mouthpieces – Mouthpieces and other clarinet products crafted by Chicago Symphony clarinetist Gregory Smith.

Richard Hawkins Mouthpieces – Mouthpieces crafted by Richard Hawkins.

McClune Mouthpiece Service – Mouthpieces crafted by David McClune.


Music Retailers

Jeanné, Inc – An online source for printed music, accessories, and CD recordings.

Muncy Winds Music Company – This North Carolina-based online store offers instruments, accessories, reeds, music and more.

Weiner Music, Inc – This New York-based online company offers clarinet accessories, instruments, reeds, music and more.

Woodwind and Brasswind – Based in Indiana, this online store sells reeds, accessories, instruments, music and more.


Area Youth Orchestras

Lincoln Junior Youth Orchestra – Lincoln’s youth orchestra for middle/junior high school students.

Lincoln Youth Symphony – Lincoln’s youth orchestra for high school students.

Omaha Area Youth Orchestras – Omaha’s youth groups (Youth Symphony, Youth Philharmonic, Youth Conservatory Orchestra, Honors Orchestra, Chamber Music Program, and more).


University of Nebraska-Lincoln Clarinet Studio

Dr. Barger’s UNL Clarinet Studio – See what the UNL clarinet studio has to offer.







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